Bwiti Initiation (Dj Narrative Remix)

by Dj Narrative



The Roots project invited me to create a track for their debut compilation which is out next month, aiming to raise money for permaculture projects in indigenous communities. The first release focuses on the Bwiti tradition which is a spiritual discipline of the forest-dwelling Babongo and Mitsogo peoples of Gabon.

My track is based around one of those recordings of the tribe (african guitar and vocal line) and a mix of electronic productions, field recordings and playing hand drums like african djembe and spanish bongo with african kalimba with a narrative idea from watching an inspiring documentary about Gabon.

The documentary about Gabon is from one of the producers of 1 giant leap (who i think might be also on the album) > < and there is more about the roots project on their facebook page -

My stuff is on and the album will be out via their page.

Roots Project Records

Roots Project Records (RPR) is a branch of The Roots Project, We serve as bridge, connecting the music from indigenous, ancestral, healing traditions to the wider world through remix projects. We work directly with indigenous peoples and ethical organisations who benefit the wider community and help to protect and regenerate land. Our selection of contributing artists produce complimentary, organic, deep and dubby remixes of sacred ceremonial, healing songs and we help to manage marketing and sales.

We ensure that the equity from each remix project are distributed to:
the original artists and their families.
the organisation who is working with the wider community and land/social protection/regeneration projects.
contributing artist
Roots Project Records

***The Roots Project and RPR is a transparent, non-profit, direct trade organisation. All of the incomings and outgoings are open source and will be available on our website for feedback and improvement. The equity split percentage and artist and project info will be included with each release.***

For our first project, we have the honour to work with the B’witi tradition in Gabon. For many thousands of years the Pygmy have utilised a sacred wood called Iboga as part of their healing and initiation ceremonies within their communities in Central Western Africa. The ceremonies last for days, and are traditionally divided into two sections, ‘death' and ‘rebirth'. Throughout the deaths of various identities, the participants confront their shadows whilst the piercing, glitchy sounds of a large mouth harp called the Mogongo is played. As the patient's transition to the Rebirth, heaven opens up to the hypnotic harp of the Pygmy called the Ngombi.

The Organisation in Gabon we’re working with is called Blessings of the Forest which has been set up to preserve, research and share knowledge about the medicinal plants and indigenous traditions of the Gabonese forest people for the benefit of all of humanity.


released April 4, 2017



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